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Format: cd
Artist: Big Big Train
CatNo: EERCD0020
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Big Big Train The Second Brightest Star Signed cd

A companion album to Grimspound, The Second Brightest Star features 40 minutes of brand new songs and instrumentals.

Alongside these new tracks, the CD contains an additional 30 minutes of music presenting songs from Folklore (2016) and Grimspound (2017) in extended arrangements.

Signed by the band. Limited to one per person


1. The Second Brightest Star
2. Haymaking
3. Skylon
4. London Stone
5. The Passing Widow
6. The Leaden Stour
7. Terra Australis Incognita


Brooklands sequence
8. (i) On The Racing Line
9. (ii) Brooklands

London Plane sequence
10. (i) Turner On The Thames
11. (ii) London Plane

12. The Gentlemen's Reprise