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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Big Big Train
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Big_Big_Train The_Likes_Of_Us Olive-green-double_vinyl
Big Big Train returns in 2024 with The Likes Of Us.
The band's first full release with new frontman Alberto Bravin (ex-PFM) - and its first on the InsideOut label - is a stunning piece of work that retains all the elements that make the band unique. 
“First and foremost Big Big Train are a rock band, but we are absolutely a prog band, too,” bassist/co-founder Gregory Spawton declares. “We are very conscious of the traditions that we follow.” 
“We’ve got a great mix of people that want to be here and go the extra mile to do something very special,” drummer Nick D’Virgilio comments. “There’s a big world of talented musicians out there, and luckily some of them want to hang out with us.”
Burning Shed exclusive limited 180g Olive green double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with 2-page insert. Comes with a postcard. All pre-order purchasers will be entered into a draw to win two signed lyric sheets (one from Gregory Spawton and one from Alberto Bravin).
Limited to 1-per-person


1. Light Left In The Day 6:10 
2. Oblivion 5:27 
1. Beneath The Masts 17:26 
2. Skates On 4:28 
1. Miramare 10:17 
2. Love Is The Light 6:11 
1. Bookmarks 6:23 
2. Last Eleven 7:55