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Format: CD
Artist: Big Big Train
CatNo: EERCD008
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Big Big Train Goodbye To The Age Of Steam CD
A 2018 repressing of the 2011 remix of Big Big Train’s debut album (first released in 1994). 
Features bonus tracks and sleeve notes.
1. Wind Distorted Pioneers 
2. Head Hit the Pillow 
3. Edge of the Known World 
4. Landfall 
5. Dragon Bone Hill 
6. Blow The House Down 
7. Expecting Snow
8. Blue Silver Red 
9. Losing Your Way 
Bonus tracks
1. Far Distant Thing  (1993 recording)
2. Expecting Dragons  (new recording featuring David Longdon and Nick D’Virgilio)
3. Losing Your Way  (original recording extended version)