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Format: cd
Artist: Big Big Train
CatNo: EERCD0017
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Big Big Train English Electric cd
Originally released as separate albums in 2012 and 2013, BBT's highly acclaimed English Electric CDs were subsequently brought together on the limited edition (now out of print) release English Electric Full Power, which also included four additional songs and a revised track listing from the separate album versions.
This mid-priced 2016 edition of English Electric retains the extended track listing of the Full Power release and has been remastered by Rob Aubrey to ensure the songs benefit from even greater dynamic range.
Double cd in softpack with 40 page booklet including lyrics.
CD 1:
1. Make Some Noise
2. The First Rebreather
3. Uncle Jack
4. Swan Hunter
5. Seen Better Days
6. Edgelands
7. Summoned by Bells
8. Upton Heath
9. A Boy in Darkness
10. Hedgerow
CD 2:
1. Judas Unrepentant
2. Worked Out
3. Winchester from St Giles' Hill
4. The Lovers
5. Leopards
6. Keeper of Abbeys
7. The Permanent Way
8. East Coast Racer
9. Curator of Butterflies