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Format: cd
Artist: Big Big Train
CatNo: EERCD0014
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Big Big Train Make Some Noise EP CD English Electric
A specially priced EP featuring the four new tracks from English Electric: Full Power to enable listeners who already own English Electric Part One & Two to complete the English Electric set without having to purchase the box set. 
Also featuring five other BBT pieces, Make Some Noise is an ideal introduction for those unfamiliar with the band's work.
On request, all purchasers who buy the EP will be given a download link of a free PDF of the booklet for Full Power.
1. Make Some Noise
2. Uncle Jack
3. Keeper of Abbeys (branch line edition)
4. Leopards
5. Swan Hunter
6. Seen Better Days
7. Edgelands
8. The Lovers
9. Curator of Butterflies (branch line edition)