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Someday World - Deluxe
Artist: Eno / Hyde
Format: cd

Brian Eno and Karl Hyde's 2014 debut Someday World is an album born from years of experimental be..
Artist: Kaukasus
Format: cd

  Scandinavian Prog Rock giants Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (Jaga Jazzist, Motorpsycho), Rhys..
Sluggo! - Deluxe
Artist: Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins
Format: cd/dvd

The Deluxe version of MK's irreverent and inventive 1997 release Sluggo!. ---------  ..
  Wing Beat Fantastic - from composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Mike Kenea..
You Must Be This Tall
Artist: Mike Keneally
Format: cd

  Mike Keneally first came to prominence as a member of Frank Zappa's 1988 band, and he ..
Into The Maelstrom - Limited Edition
Artist: Bigelf
Format: cd

Joined by Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy, on its fourth album Bigelf takes its cinematic Heavy Psyc..
Artist: Colin Edwin / Lorenzo Feliciati
Format: cd

Two bassists from two very different backgrounds come together on one potent album.   ..
Artist: Also Eden
Format: vinyl

Also Eden's 2013 release given the Plane Groovy label heavyweight vinyl treatment.   ..
Artist: Gazpacho
Format: vinyl

  Gazpacho's 2014 studio release Demons comprises 4 songs based on 'the mad ramblings le..
Tick Tock
Artist: Gazpacho
Format: vinyl

  Kscope edition of Gazpacho's 2009 album, remixed and featuring new artwork.  ..
Welcome To My DNA
Artist: Blackfield
Format: cd

  Blackfield is the acclaimed collaboration between Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and I..
Blackfield IV
Artist: Blackfield
Format: cd

  Israel's leading counter-culture rock musician Aviv Geffen returns with Blackfield IV,..
One For Sorrow Two For Joy
Artist: Thieves Kitchen
Format: vinyl

Thieves' Kitchen's fifth studio release is a sophisticated mixture of the old and the new, as mel..
In Chances Of Light
Artist: I'Anson
Format: download flac

In Chances Of Light is the debut album from i'Anson.   Packed with personal memories..
Henry Fool
Artist: Henry Fool
Format: cd

  The Kscope edition of Henry Fool's long unavailable debut album from 2001.   ..
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