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Format: CD-R
Artist: Rhys Marsh
CatNo: AR047CD
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Rhys_Marsh Towards_The_West CD-R

The 2023 solo album from Rhys Marsh available as a limited edition CD-R pressing (in digipak) exclusively from Burning Shed.

“Thoughtfully reflective and deeply personal.”
“The slow, fragile, floating tones are reminiscent of late Talk Talk, David Sylvian, the introspective side of Steven Wilson, and the elegiac side of the early King Crimson. Played to the point, and full of painfully beautiful melodies.”
Betreutes Proggen
1. ‘Loved And Lost’ (2:06)
2. ‘The Gold In The Sun’ (10:03)
3. ‘It’s Like You Always Said’ (6:01)
4. ‘Cauterise’ (8:20)
5. ‘Grenville Street’ (1:41)
6. ‘We’ll See You Again’ (7:29)
7. ‘Aspen’ (2:35)