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Format: CD
Artist: Fonderia
CatNo: BIZ003
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cd fonderia my grandmothers space suit
My Grandmother's Space Suit is the third album by Italian band, Fonderia. 
The work marks a major evolution in the band's sound and approach and was produced in conjuction with Marco Migliari (Peter Gabriel, Sigur Ros, Genesis, Robert Plant, Massive Attack etc), at Real World. 
Primarily consisting of Progressive/Jazz/Art Rock inspired instrumentals, the album additionally features two vocal pieces including the intense and vibrant Loaded Gun (with lyrics based on Emily Dickinson's poetry) and the humorous 'Bizarro Pop' of I Can't Believe This is Just a Pop(e) Song.
Moebius Onion Rings  (4:33)
Istanbul (6:43)
Loaded Gun (feat. Barbara Eramo) (6:23)
Gravity Wave (5:43)
Liquid (6:39)
A Billion Electric Sheep (6:49)
Gojira (6:52)
I Can't Believe This is Just a Pop(e) Song (feat. Emmanuel Louis) (3:28)
Doctor's Hill (5:57)
Emanuele Bultrini - guitars
Federico Eugenio Nespola - drums
Luca Pietropaoli - trumpet
Stefano Vicarelli - keyboards
Claudio Mosconi - bass
Barbara Eramo - vocals on #3
Emmanuel Louis - vocals and guitars on #8
Cristiano De Fabritiis - vibes on #1
Produced by Marco Migliari and Fonderia, recorded by Marco Migliari at Real World Studios (Box, UK).
Mixed by Marco Migliari at Green Studio (Box, UK), mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Mastering (London, UK)