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Format: cd
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: CD027
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Bill Nelson Albion Dream Vortex limited CD
Albion Dream Vortex from 2013 is an instrumental album issued in a one off print run of 1000 copies on the Sonoluxe label. 
The music that eventually made up the Albion Dream Vortex album was initially intended for a DVD project with the title Atom Totem Apparitions, which Bill Nelson first made reference to in April 2012.  
By June 2013, Nelson had abandoned the DVD idea in favour of making the Albion Dream Vortex album. 
CD in digipak.
01)  Thought Bubble No 1
02)  Behold These Present Days
03)  Like a Boat in the Blue
04)  Sparky and the Spearmint Moon
05)  Tomorrow Will Not Be Too Late
06)  Start Beaming and Get on the Gleam
07)  We Who Are Awake Will Not Be Asleep
08)  Thought Bubble No 2
09)  Electrical Adepts of the Celestial Bed
10)  The Mastery of The Thing
11)  Albion Dream Vortex
12)  Thought Bubble No 3
13)  Long Ago, By Moonlit Sea
14)  Let Us Melt and Make No Noise