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Format: CD
Artist: The Fire Thieves
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Back To Stereo The Fire Thieves CD
Released in 2009, Back to Stereo is the third album album by The Fire Thieves, the solo project from Stephen Bennett (Henry Fool / No-Man).
A collection of ten songs about memory, observation and loss, the album, recorded in a remote schoolhouse in Sweden, presents a smorgasbord of Bennett's pop, rock, ambient, jazz and progressive influences. 
1. Imperfect World (4:14)
2. Girl Down Tescos (4:06)
3. All of Your Stories (4:08)
4. Communicado (3:20)
5. Never Never (4:58 )
6. Nova Scotia (3:22)
7. We Were Dreaming (5:14)
8. Only Laughing (3:45)
9. Amusea (5:22)
10. Dodgem Boys (5:06)