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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Thomas Bergsten
CatNo: AP113LP
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Thomas Bergsten Thomas Bergstens Kosmos Vinyl
Experimental, spiritual jazz from renowned multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bergsten (Gunerius & Verdensveven, The Harvey Steel Show).
Four long pieces written and recorded in the spirit of Tago Mago and Bitches Brew.
This album was born out of a 2-day session in Taakeheimen Lydrike with Morten Øby. Thomas Bergsten had invited a bunch of trusted musicians, plus one “wild card” who only one of them had met before. The plan was to play some long improvisational pieces with some compositional elements, and edit the recordings. The result was almost 8 hours of recordings, and even the drum soundcheck ended up on this record.
1. Drive pt1
2. Drive pt2
3. Alybt
4. Sun
Thomas Bergsten - Guitar, cigar box harp, percussion, lap-steel, sound manipulation
Tore Ljøkelsøy - Drums, percussion, Hardanger fiddle
Arnfinn Langesæter - Saxophone, flute, percussion
Jakob Eri Myhre - Trumpet, El-piano, effects, percussion
Simen Wie - Bass, percussion
Øyvind Heilo – El-piano, percussion
Bjørn Klakegg – Guitar (on SUN)