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Format: CD
Artist: Sordal
CatNo: AP098CD
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Sordal Juno and Jupiter CD
Sordal is Stein Roger Sordal from Norwegian avantrockers Green Carnation.
A true labour of love, Juno & Jupiter is a tribute to the magic of 1980s, production, utilising Roland Juno 106, Jupiter 8, Jx-3P, Oberheim matrix 1000, Yamaha DX7 and D50, Korg
Polysix, Sequential Circuits DrumTraks, Oberheim DX, Rockman Sustainor and FX units from the 
late 1970s to the mid 1980s. 
CD in jewel case.
1. You make it so damn easy to love you 04:37
2. Moral Police 04:26
3. Should i cry for you 04:45
4. Ashes bound 04:28
5. Transartic lover 02:57
6. I don't believe in science 04:10
7. Into the ocean 04:06
8. Nothing up my sleeve 04:39
9. Granit 04:12
10. Mother receive, Mother return 07:02