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Format: CD
Artist: Hex A.D.
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Hex_AD Delightful_Sharp_Edges CD
Hex A.D. returns with its most epic project to date.
Delightful Sharp Edges is a concept album that deals with genocide; a three-part narrative that takes the listener on a musical and lyrical journey into the horrors and tragedies of organized liquidation on a massive scale.
Drawing on melodic territories inspired by Thin Lizzy and Wishbone Ash, as well as the band's doomy and progressive roots, Delightful Sharp Edges is a concept album in the proud tradition of the masters from the 1970s. 
Part One
01. The Memory Division
02. Murder in Slow Motion
03. …By a Thread
04. Når Herren Tar Deg i Nakken
Part Two
05. Radio Terror
06. St. Francis
Part Three
07. Throwing Down the Gauntlet
08. The Burmese Python
09. Beyond the Venom Trail
10. Hell Today
11. Gone Tomorrow