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Format: CD
Artist: XTC
CatNo: APECD108
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XTC Skylarking CD Andy Partridge

Produced by Todd Rundgren, the album was famously the most troublesome recording experience of XTC's career, yet the combination of the 'quintessentially English' band and the American 'studio wizard' resulted in one of the most successful and artistically accomplished albums of the mid-late 1980s.

CD in Jewel case with the original 'non-corrected polarity' 1986 mix.

1 Summer's Cauldron
2 Grass
3 The Meeting Place
4 That's Really Super Supergirl
5 Ballet For A Rainy Day
6 1000 Umbrellas
7 Season Cycle
8 Earn Enough For Us
9 Big Day
10 Another Satellite
11 Mermaid Smiled
12 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
13 Dying
14 Sacrificial Bonfire
15 Dear God