Price: £17.48

Format: Vinyl
Artist: Andy Partridge

A bundle of the CD and vinyl versions of the My Failed Christmas Career - Volume 1 EP by Andy Partridge.


You know how it is… You wait years for a decent new Christmas song to come along to brighten the festivities and then, sooner than you can say ‘ho-ho-ho,’ along comes Andy Partridge with a quartet of instant classics… 
And if the ‘failed’ part of the songwriter EP series wasn’t already starting to look just a little bit odd after the first two volumes topped the vinyl charts in the UK, one of this EP’s offerings was, the composer admits, recorded by The Monkees… - presented here in its original form with lead vocals by Andy’s daughter Holly
So, while you’re busy assembling ingredients for the Christmas pudding, here’s the ideal soundtrack to play on repeat… songs of snow, sleighs, Yuletide cool and the unwrapping of that special present, all delivered in that inimitable, partridge in a pear tree, style…
1. Let There Be Snow
2. Through This Winter World
1. Cool Yule
2. Unwrap You At Christmas
1. Let There Be Snow
2. Through This Winter World
3. Cool Yule
4. Unwrap You At Christmas