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Artist: Andy Partridge
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Flac Fuzzy Warbles Volume Two Andy Partridge Download
This second volume of Andy's essential 'secret tape' series contains such gems as a rare recording of the storming 'I Don't Want To Be Here' originally donated for an AIDS charity disc and 'Young Marrieds', a cynical peek at tender wedded bliss. 
Along with 15 other quality cuts, you'll also hear the song that summed up Andy's feeling on contractual entrapment of the record company kind, 'Ship Trapped In Ice'.
Available on cd and as high quality mp3 and flac downloads.
16Bit/44.1kHz Flac
1. Ridgeway Path (0:57)
2. I Don't Want To Be Here (4:02)
3. Young Marrieds (3:23)
4. No One Here Available (0:18)
5. Obscene Procession (4:13)
6. Miller Time (1:10)
7. You're The Wish You Are I Had (3:21)
8. Ra Ra Rehearsal (2:15)
9. Ra Ra Rocking Horse (3:43)
10. Everything'll Be Alright (3:02)
11. 25 O'Clock (2:22)
12. GOOM (1:59)
13. Chain Of Command (2:41)
14. All Of A Sudden (1:10)
15. Summers's Cauldron (5:33)
16. Then She Appeared (2:59)
17. It's Snowing Angels (3:18)
18. Ship Trapped In The Ice (3:11)