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Artist: Andy Partridge
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Download Volume Three Fuzzy Warbles Andy Partridge Flac
This third volume of Andy's essential 'secret tape' series contains 'My Train Is Coming' (almost every song from the 'Hard Days Night' album smashed into one), 'This Is The End' (a chugging little demo of a song aimed at XTC's 'Oranges and Lemons' disc andone of the Andy's unrecorded favourites). 
You also get 'Lightheaded', written for the computer animated film of the same name, as well as 16 other jolly winners. 
If you like Volumes 1 and 2, you'll cream your chinos over this one.
Available on cd and as high quality mp3 and flac downloads.
16Bit/44.1kHz Flac
1. My Train Is Coming
2. Lightheaded
3. Goodbye Humanosaurus
4. Humble Daisy
5. You Like Me?
6. Great Fire
7. Work
8. Mopti Fake 1
9. Collideascope
10. Mopti Fake 2
11. When We Get To England
12. Train Running Low On Soul Coal
13. Holly Up On Poppy
14. Strawberry Fields Forever
15. Autumn Comes Around
16. Child's Crusade
17. Little Lighthouse
18. This Is The End
19. Put It On Again