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Format: CD
Artist: Andy Partridge
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Andy Partridge My Failed Songwriting Career EP CD XTC
My Failed Songwriting Career - Volume 2 presents four more gems resulting from Andy Partridge’s post XTC period as a songwriter for hire writing for other artists.
Containing songs of love, longing and partnership, the songs have now been reclaimed and fine-tuned to a Partridge sensibility. As such, it’s unlikely they sound similar to any interpretation or arrangement that other singers would have used.  
So, for now at least, here are four definitive, composer authorised recordings. Who knows, perhaps with greater availability, other artists may wish to record one or more of these, (or songs from the first or future planned volumes). Good songs welcome many interpretations.
CD in card wallet.
1. Seesaw
2. Let’s Make Everything Love
3. Come On Back
4. Love Is The Future