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Format: cd
Artist: Andy Partridge
CatNo: APECD004
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Andy Partridge Fuzzy Warbles Volume Four cd
This fourth volume of Andy's essential 'secret tape' series contains 19 tracks of fab, including 'The Art Song' (a playful paean to some mixed up paintings) and 'All I Dream Of Is A Friend' (the beautiful ballad from Andy's ill-fated James And The Giant Peach soundtrack).  
A great rabbit hole of a disc. Enter the wonderland posthaste.
1. Tunes
2. Bumpercars
3. The Art Song (Something Good With Your Life)
4. I'm Playing My Fano
5. Zonked Right Out On Life
6. All I Dream Of Is A Friend
7. Peck The Ground Like A Chicken
8. That's Really Super Supergirl
9. Brainiacs's Daughter
10. Blue Beret
11. Gangway, Electric Guitar Is Coming Through
12. Mechanical Planet
13. Helicopter
14. The Ugly Underneath
15. OMGO
16. Where Is Your Heart?
17. Hey, It's Alan Burston!
18. Season Cycle
19. Countdown To Christmas Party Time