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Artist: XTC
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The Big Express download mp3 XTC Andy Partridge

XTC's 1984 release was something of a return to the jagged rhythms, choppy guitars and big choruses of The Black Sea and Drums And Wires.

Based on the 2001 remaster, this is the APE label version featuring three bonus tracks.
Available as cd quality flac and mp3 (192kbps).


1. "Wake Up" 4:40
2. "All You Pretty Girls" 3:40
3. "Shake You Donkey Up" 4:19
4. "Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her" 3:50
5. "This World Over" 5:37
6. "(The Everyday Story of) Smalltown" 3:53
7. "I Bought Myself a Liarbird" 2:49
8. "Reign of Blows (Vote No Violence!)" 3:27
9. "You're the Wish You Are I Had" 3:17
10. "I Remember the Sun" 3:10
11. "Train Running Low on Soul Coal" 5:19
Bonus Tracks:
12. "Red Brick Dream" 2:01
13. "Washaway" 3:01
14. "Blue Overall" 4:26