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Artist: XTC
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With Steve Nye on production, Mummer was one of XTC's most sonically inventive and pastoral releases.
More diverse than previous albums, Mummer explored the post-punk Art Rock landscape with a sense of real adventure and subtlety.
Tribal rhythms, acoustic ballads, elegant textures, mutant funk and King Crimson-esque noise all feature on what some people consider to be the band's most underrated album.
Based on the 2001 remaster, this is the APE label version featuring six bonus tracks.
Available as cd quality flac and mp3 (192kbps).


1. Beating of Hearts (3:56)
2. Wonderland (4:50)
3. Love on a Farmboy's Wages (3:58)
4. Great Fire (3:47)
5. Deliver Us from the Elements (4:36)
6. Human Alchemy (5:11)
7. Ladybird (4:32)
8. In Loving Memory of a Name (3:16)
9. Me and the Wind (4:17)
10. Funk Pop a Roll (3:14)
Bonus Tracks:
11. Frost Circus (3:53)
12. Jump (4:39)
13. Toys (4:20)
14. Gold (3:33)
15. Procession Towards Learning Land (3:46)
16. Desert Island (4:52)