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Format: CD
Artist: XTC
CatNo: APECD105
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XTC English Settlement Andy Partridge CD


With its distinctive cover depiction of the Uffington White Horse and its more prominent use of acoustic guitar, XTC's 1982 album was immediately hailed as a significant departure and a future masterpiece on its release. 
This is the 2001 re-master, but includes restored and corrected Ape label artwork.


1. Runaways (4:51)
2. Ball And Chain (4:28)
3. Senses Working Overtime (4:45)
4. Jason And The Argonauts (6:03)
5. No Thugs In Our House (5:16)
6. Yacht Dance (3:52)
7. All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late) (5:18)
8. Melt The Guns (6:31)
9. Leisure (5:01)
10. It's Nearly Africa (3:54)
11. Knuckle Down (4:26)
12. Fly On The Wall (3:11)
13. Down In The Cockpit (5:35)
14. English Roundabout (3:50)
15. Snowman (4:26)


Colin Moulding - lead vocals, backing vocals, fretless bass, Fender bass, mini-Korg, piano, percussion
Andy Partridge - lead vocals, backing vocals, electric guitar, semi-acoustic electric 12-string guitar, semi-acoustic electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mini-Korg, Prophet V, anklung, alto sax, percussion, frog
Dave Gregory - electric 12-string guitar, electric guitars, nylon-string Spanish guitar, semi-acoustic electric 12-string guitar, Prophet V, mini-Korg, backing vocals, percussion, piano
Terry Chambers - drums, drum synthesiser, percussion, backing vocals
Hugh Padgham - backing vocals on Ball and Chain
Hans de Vente - backing vocals on It's Nearly Africa