Anathema’s second studio album - from 1995 - reissued as a very limited picture disc LP as part of Peaceville’s 30th Anniversary series of releases.
Considered part of 'the Peaceville 3 - along with Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride - Anathema has carved an admirable legacy since its inception at the turn of the 1990s, and become a widely revered band both within the Metal world and far beyond as the band's sound has progressed from Doom/Death Metal into more atmospheric Rock and Progressive territory with each subsequent release. 
The Silent Enigma, the band's second studio album, was the first release on which guitarist Vincent Cavanagh took over vocal duties from the recently departed Darren White. While Darren's vocals were guttural, Vincent's more varied style pushed the possibilities for Anathema onwards and upwards. 
On its release, The Silent Enigma was regarded as a fine example of highly-atmospheric and frequently emotional Gothic Doom, spawning classic Anathema songs such as Restless Oblivion, Sunset of Age, The Silent Enigma and A Dying Wish. Lauded by the Metal press and fans alike as a Doom classic, the album's popularity has rapidly grown since its release. 
This edition of The Silent Enigma is presented on picture disc vinyl with cut-out sleeve showing for the first time the fully expanded version of the original sleeve artwork. 
Please note: Picture discs are handmade & not audiophile pressings. This process of manufacture makes them, inevitably, more susceptible to crackles, pops & occasional warping. But they do look fab!
1 Restless Oblivion 
2 Shroud Of Frost 
3 Alone 
4 Sunset Of Age 
1 Nocturnal Emission 
2 Cerulean Twilight 
3 The Silent Enigma 
4 A Dying Wish 
5 Black Orchid