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Format: CD
Artist: Anathema
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Resonance Volumes 1 2 cd Anathema


A themed double cd collection of Anathema's best Peaceville label material. 
Volume 1 collects the band's more ambient/atmospheric works and includes covers of Pink Floyd's, One Of The Few and Goodbye Cruel World, while Volume 2 consists of the band's darker, Metal-inspired output.
Ranging from the brutal to the fragile, this carefully selected buget-priced two-part retrospective is the only way to do Anathema's early musical career the justice it deserves. 


CD 1:
1. Scars Of The Old Stream
2. Everwake
3. J'ai Fait Une Promesse
4. ...Alone
5. Far Away (Acoustic)
6. Eternity Part 2
7. Eternity Part 3 (Acoustic)
8. Better Off Dead
9. One Of The Few
10. Inner Silence
11. Goodbye Cruel World
12. Destiny 
13. The Silent Enigma (Orchestral Version)
14. Angelica (Live) 
15. Horses
CD 2: 
1. Lovelorn Rhapsody
2. Sweet Tears
3. Sleepless 96 
4. Eternal Rise Of The Sun
5. Sunset Of Age
6. Nocturnal Emission
7. A Dying Wish 
8. Hope 
9. Cries On The Wind
10. Fragile Dreams
11. Empty
12. Nailed To The Cross / 666