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Format: vinyl
Artist: The Cure
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The Cure Greatest Hits vinyl

180g double vinyl reissue of The Cure's Greatest Hits compilation from 2001.

As the band's long-term relationship with Fiction Records came to a close, The Cure were obliged to release one final album for the label. Robert Smith agreed to release a greatest hits album under the condition that he could choose the tracks himself.

The band also recorded a companion studio album, Acoustic Hits, released as a bonus disc with some versions of the album. Acoustic Hits featured the eighteen songs from the North American Greatest Hits release re-recorded with acoustic guitars. This is also available on double vinyl.

A1 - Boys Don't Cry
A2 - A Forest
A3 - Let's Go To Bed
A4 - The Walk
A5 - The Lovecats

B1 - Inbetween Days
B2 - Close To Me
B3 - Why Can't I Be You?
B4 - Just Like Heaven
B5 - Lullaby

C1 - Lovesong
C2 - Never Enough
C3 - High
C4 - Friday I'm In Love

D1 - Mint Car
D2 - Wrong Number
D3 - Cut Here
D4 - Just Say Yes