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Format: CD
Artist: Laraaji
CatNo: WAST054CD
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Laraaji Ambient Bring On The Sun Vinyl
A collection of 2017 studio recordings by the Ambient master Laraaji.
Recorded by Davey Jewell (Peaking Lights/Flaming Lips) and mixed by Carlos Niño (Leaving Records), Bring On The Sun comprises a magical mixtape of tracks that range from blissed-out percussive jams to reflective vocal hymnals to trance-inducing drones. 
A perfect Laraaji entry-point on his never-ending creative journey.
A double CD set in a 6 panel kraft board digipak with 8 page booklet, which includes the Sun Gong album on the second CD.
CD 1 - Bring On The Sun:
01. Introspection
02. Harmonica Drone
03. Enthusiasm
04. Laraajazzi
05. Change
06. Reborn In Virginia
07. Open The Gift
08. Ocean Flow Zither
CD 2 - Sun Gong:
01. Sun Gong No.1
02. Sun Gong No.2