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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Whom Gods Destroy
CatNo: 19658846121
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Whom_Gods_Destroy Insanium Double_vinyl Sons_Of_Apollo
Whom Gods Destroy is a Sons Of Apollo related outfit featuring Dino Jelusick (Vocals), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guitars), Derek Sherinian (Keyboards), Yas Nomura (Bass) and Bruno Valverde (Drums). 
The band’s InsideOut label debut Insanium offers 9 tracks of progressive metal and hard rock virtuosity at its most dazzling.

180g double vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with LP booklet and Side D etching.

1. In the Name Of War (6:38)  
2. Over Again (5:01)  
3. The Decision (7:08)  
1. Crawl (6:36)  
2. Find My Way Back (5:46)  
3. Crucifier (4:43)  
1. Keeper of the Gate (4:54) 
2. Hypernova 158 (3:24)  
3. Insanium (8:38)