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Format: CD
Artist: The Tangent
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The_Tangent To_Follow_Polaris CD Andy_Tillison Limited
To Follow Polaris is the 2024 studio album by The Tangent
Described as 'full on Progressive Rock’, the music and performances come entirely from band leader Andy Tillison.
Produced between January and November 2023, the album features Andy playing keyboards as usual, but adds to the mix his first ever released performance on bass and his second on Stick driven (electronic) drums. Add electric and acoustic guitars and electronic wind controller to the mix, and this is a full band recording in every sense of the word. 
Limited Deluxe Collector’s CD in Mediabook edition with a 24-page booklet. Includes a signed postcard (whilst stock last).
1. The North Sky 11:08 
2. A Like In The Darkness 8:19 
3. The Fine Line 8:04 
4. The Anachronism 21:01 
5. The Single 5:52 
Bonus Tracks
6. The North Sky (Radio Edit) 3:42 
7. Tea At Betty's (Bonus Track) 17:31