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Format: CD
Artist: The Neal Morse Band
CatNo: 19658803842
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The_Neal_Morse_Band An_Evening_Of_Innocence_and_Dang 3CD

NMB's An Evening Of Innocence & Danger: Live in Hamburg is an audio document of the band's 2022 tour.

This 3-disc release captures the band in fine form, presenting Innocence & Danger material, in addition to The Great Similitude Medley (which includes tracks from the band’s previous two records, The Great Adventure and The Similitude of a Dream).

As always, Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Eric Gillette and Bill Hubauer demonstrate a rare chemistry.

Limited 3CD in digipak edition.

1. Do It All Again 10:23 
2. Bird On A Wire 8:08 
3. Your Place In The Sun 4:18 
4. Another Story To Tell 4:50 
5. The Way It Had To Be Live 2022 00:09:18 
6. Bridge Over Troubled Water Live 2022 00:08:43 
7. Waterfall Live 2022 00:07:50 
1. Not Afraid Pt. 2 21:45 
2. Beyond The Years 34:08 
1. The Great Similitude Medley 29:58