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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Steve Hackett
CatNo: 19658870201
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Steve_Hackett Till_We_Have_Faces_2024_Reissue Vinyl

A remastered 2024 vinyl re-release of Steve Hackett's eighth solo album Till We Have Faces.

Originally released in 1984, the album was recorded in Brazil and the UK and presented a fusion of rock and world music, with the use of marimba, Etruscan guitar, rainstick, and a group of Brazillian percussionists.

Nick Magnus and Ian Mosley (Marillion) also guest.

180g LP in gatefold.

1. What’s My Name 7:06 
2. Rio Connection 3:20 
3. Matilda Smith-Williams Home For The Aged 8:06 
4. Let Me Count The Ways 6:06 
1. A Doll That’s Made In Japan 3:56 
2. Duel 4:48 
3. Myopia 2:55 
4. Taking The Easy Way Out 3:49
5. The Gulf 6:31