Price: £24.49
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Spocks Beard
CatNo: 19658837781
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Spocks_Beard Feel_Euphoria_20th_Anniversary Double_vinyl

A 20th aniversary vinyl edition of Spock’s Beard’s seventh studio album Feel Euphoria.

A landmark release for the band - being their first without Neal Morse and with Nick D’Virgilio as lead vocalist -  as well as demonstrating a more ‘band’ approach to songwriting.

Presented on vinyl for the first time, the album has been remastered for LP, and includes the two bonus tracks from the original release.

180g vinyl in gatefold featuring liner notes from the band reflecting on the album.

Onomatopoeia 5:16 
The Bottom Line 7:32 
Feel Euphoria 7:20 
Shining Star 4:04 
East Of Eden, West Of Memphis 7:05 
Ghosts Of Autumn 6:54 
A Guy Named Sid: Intro 3:00 
Same Old Story 4:25 
You Don't Know 3:11 
Judge 3:20 
Sid's Boys Choir 1:09 
Change 5:18 
Carry On 5:18 
Moth Of Many Flames (Bonus track) 2:49 
From The Messenger (Bonus track) 7:26