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Format: CD
Artist: Sons Of Apollo
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Sons Of Apollo MMXX Dream Theater Progressive 2CD
Mike Portnoy, Derek Sherinian, Jeff Scott Soto, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal and Billy Sheehan take everything to a new level on Sons of Apollo’s 2019 sophomore album, MMXX.
Limited 2CD Mediabook edition (including instrumental mixes of the entire album plus acappella excerpts of each track).
“Stylistically, we have followed the same path as the debut,” outlines Portnoy. “But we feel that it has come out stronger, simply because we know one another better.” "Each member of this band has their own signature sound on their instrument,” adds Sherinian. “And when you put all of this together what you get is a wonderful five-headed beast. It makes this a sonically special band.”
Odd time signatures and crazed performances abound. 
1 Goodbye Divinity 00:07:15
2 Wither To Black 00:04:44
3 Asphyxiation 00:05:07
4 Desolate July 00:05:58
5 King Of Delusion 00:08:48
6 Fall To Ascend 00:05:06
7 Resurrection Day 00:05:51
8 New World Today 00:15:50
1. Goodbye Divinity (Instrumental Mix) 00:07:19
2. Wither To Black (Instrumental Mix) 00:04:46
3. Asphyxiation (Instrumental Mix) 00:05:06
4. Desolate July (Instrumental Mix) 00:06:09
5. King Of Delusion (Instrumental Mix) 00:08:47
6. Fall To Ascend (Instrumental Mix) 00:05:06
7. Resurrection Day (Instrumental Mix) 00:05:49
8. New World Today (Instrumental Mix 00:12:56
9. Goodbye Divinity (A cappella excerpts) 00:02:40
10. Wither To Black (A cappella excerpts) 00:02:55
11. Asphyxiation (A cappella excerpts) 00:02:26
12. Desolate July (A cappella excerpts) 00:02:53
13. King Of Delusion (A cappella excerpts) 00:03:29
14. Fall To Ascend (A cappella excerpts) 00:02:02
15. Resurrection Day (A cappella excerpts) 00:02:08
16. New World Today (A cappella excerpts) 00:04:14