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Format: CD
Artist: OU
CatNo: 19658870712
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OU II_Frailty CD Devin_Townsend
Chinese Progressive Metallers OU unleash more mesmerising sound on their second release II: Frailty
Produced and mixed by Devin Townsend (who also plays on Purge), the album presents a masterclass of Progressive Metal that offers a unique perspective on the fragility and beauty of our existence. 
Limited CD in jewel case edition.
1. Frailty 5:09
2. Purge feat. Devin Townsend 5:02
3. Ocean 5:20
4. Redemption 3:46
5. Capture and Elongate (Serenity) 4:47
6. Spirit Broken 5:30
7. yyds 5:06
8. Reborn 3:07
9. Recall 5:11