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Format: CD
Artist: Next To None
CatNo: 88985449082
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Portnoy Progressive Metal CD Next to None

Next To None's second Inside Out label album is full to the brim with huge melodic choruses, heavier than heavy riffs and the trickiest of tricky time signatures.

Comprising Max (son of Mike) Portnoy on drums, Derrick Schneider on guitar, Kris Rank on bass, and Thomas Cuce on keyboards and lead vocals, NtN deliver a hardcore/Progressive Metal sound that distictively filters influences such as Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation and Periphery.

CD in digipak.

1. 13 (0:53)
2. Answer Me (6:25)
3. The Apple (3:51)
4. Beg (2:47)
5. Alone (9:30)
6. Kek (10:30)
7. Clarity (7:28)
8. Pause (4:22)
9. Mr. Mime (3:13)
10. Isolation (1:26)
11. Denial (8:05)
12. The Wanderer (19:45)