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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Molybaron
CatNo: 19439934191
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Molybaron The Mutiny Vinyl
Formed in Paris in 2014 by Dublin-born singer/guitarist Gary Kelly and Parisian guitarist Steven Andre, Molybaron has swiftly become one of the most talked-about bands in the modern Metal scene, with a sound that encompasses everything from state-of-the-art tech-grooves and anthemic Metal to multi-layered atmospherics and giant, muscular hard rock riffs.
The Mutiny once again affirms Molybaron’s idiosyncratic identity and irresistible charms, evoking the visionary fervour of bands like System Of A Down, Muse, Pain Of Salvation and Rush while never sounding remotely like any of them.
'Diverse and satisfying, The Mutiny is a banger!' Metal Hammer
'Album of the Month.’ - Rock Hard
180g vinyl in slipsleeve with insert.
1. Animals 00:05:23
2. Lucifer 00:03:23
3. Amongst The Boys And The Dead Flowers 00:04:14
4. Prosperity Gospel 00:04:15
5. The Lighthouse 00:04:37
1. Slave To The Algorithm 00:04:51
2. Something For The Pain 00:04:09
3. The Hand That Feeds You 00:04:10
4. Twenty Four Hours 00:04:54
5. Ordinary Madness 00:04:44