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Format: CD
Artist: Mandoki Soulmates
CatNo: 19658876872
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Mandoki_Soulmates A_Memory_Of_Our_Future CD Limited
Mandoki Soulmates' A Memory Of Our Future was entirely recorded and produced in analogue form.
The cross-generational supergroup of rock and fusion stars on the album includes Ian Anderson, Mike Stern, Al di Meola, Randy Brecker, John Helliwell (Supertramp), Steve Bailey, Simon Phillips, Leslie Mandoki, Tony Carey (Rainbow), Nick van Eede (Cutting Crew), Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp) and more
With A Memory Of Our Future, the Soulmates achieve a fusion of audiophile excellence and socio-politically relevant music drawing on core prog and jazz rock influences.
Limited CD edition in 6-panel pocket pac with 24-page booklet.
1. Blood In The Water (6:54) 
2. Enigma Of Reason (10:06) 
3. The Wanderer (5:03) 
4. The Big Quit (6:54) 
5. Devil's Encyclopedia (10:06) 
6. A Memory Of My Future (5:03) 
7. I Am Because You Are (6:54) 
8. My Share Of Your Life (10:06) 
9. Age Of Thought (5:03) 
10. Matchbox Racing (6:54) 
11. We Stay Loud (010:06) 
12. Melting Pot (5:03)