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Format: CD
Artist: Lonely Robot
CatNo: 88985369482
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Lonely Robot The Big Dream cd signed
As with Lonely Robot's debut, The Big Dream is not a concept album, but there is a core theme running through the release; one that sees The Astronaut, the central character in this on-going adventure, emerging from a long period in stasis.
John Mitchell is joined by Steve Vantsis (Fish/Tilt), Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson/Pendragon) and Liam Holmes.
CD in digipak.
Comes with a signed postcard.
1. Prologue (Deep Sleep)
2. Awakenings
3. Sigma
4. In Floral Green
5. Everglow
6. False Lights
7. Symbolic
8. The Divine Art of Being
9. The Big Dream
10. Hello World Goodbye
11. Epilogue (Sea Beams)
12. In Floral Green (Acoustic Mix)
13. The Divine Art of Being (Acoustic Mix)
14. Why Do We Stay (Featuring Kim Seviour)