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Format: CD
Artist: Leprous
CatNo: 88985374272
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Leprous Live At Rockefeller Music Hall cd
Live At Rockefeller Music Hall marks the first live release by groundbreaking Norwegian modern Progressive Metal group Leprous. 
Regarded as one of the most impressive live acts of their generation and genre, Live At Rockefeller Music Hall proves the critical acclaim to be well deserved. 
The truly epic material was captured on a hometown show event in Oslo on June 4th 2016 and contains material from The Congregation plus a variety of cuts from the band's back catalogue.
Recorded and mixed by David Castillo and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios.
Double cd in jewel case.
CD 1:
1. The Flood (8:01)
2. Foe (3:08)
3. Third Law (6:15)
4. Rewind (7:15)
5. The Cloak (4:11)
6. Acquired Taste (6:53)
7. Red (6:40)
8. Slave (9:09)
CD 2:
1. The Price (5:34)
2. Moon (7:46)
3. Down (6:29)
4. The Valley (7:39)
5. Forced Entry (10:45)
6. Contaminate me (10:18)