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Format: Vinyl/CD
Artist: Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side
CatNo: 19439981881
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Jonas Lindberg and The Other Sid Miles From Nowhere 2LP_CD
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side features Jonas alongside Jonas Sundqvist, Jenny Storm and Jonathan Lunderg. 
Simon Wilhelmsson (drums) and Roine Stolt also guest. 
A Prog extravaganza, Miles From Nowhere takes in stunning guitar solos, folk-tinged melodies, majestic instrumentals and a wonderful 25-minute epic. 
180g double vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with 4-page LP booklet and CD.
1 Secret Motive Man 7:26 
2 Little Man 5:49 
3 Why I'm Here 4:26 
1 Summer Queen 15:51
1 Oceans Of Time 11:36 
2 Astral Journey 5:50 
1 Miles From Nowhere 25:32
Secret Motive Man 7:26 
Little Man 5:49 
Summer Queen 5:51 
Oceans Of Time 11:36 
Astral Journey 5:50 
Why I'm Here 4:26 
Miles From Nowhere 25:32