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Artist: John Wesley
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a way youll never be John Wesley cd
a way you'll never be is the eighth studio album from John Wesley and offers a contemporary take on the classic progressive rock sound of the 1970s. 
Drawing on influences including Rush and Pink Floyd (and the stylings of guitarists such as Robin Trower and Jeff Beck), Wesley's lyrics interpret and update Ernest Hemingway stories (the author who first highlighted the 'Lost Generation'). 
The themes in the songs connect 21st Century 'Lost Generations' of Boomers, Xers, Millennials etc to the words and experiences of the post-WWI generation that Hemingway brought to light with his stories. 
Featuring striking Carl Glover artwork, powerful riffs, strong hooks, and a good dose of grit.
1. by the light of a sun (5:32)
2. a way you'll never be (7:18)
3. to outrun the light (7:07)
4. the revolutionist (5:57)
5. nada (5:41)
6. the silence in coffee (5:09)
7. unsafe space (4:17)
8. sun.a.rose (6:44)
9. epic (4:51)
10. pointless endeavors (03:38)