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Format: cd
Artist: Haken
CatNo: 19075937612
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Haken Aquarius CD
A 2019 reissue of Haken's 2010 debut album which saw the band establish itself as a major force in Progressive Metal music. 
A 72-minute concept record that touched on themes of global warming, this album has long held a place in fans' hearts and the lengthy 17 minute closing track Celestial Elixir remains a defining statement for the band.
CD in jewel case.
1. The Point Of No Return (11:30)
2. Streams (10:16)
3. Aquarium (10:45)
4. Eternal Rain (6:38)
5. Drowning In The Flood (9:28)
6. Sun (7:20)
7. Celestial Elixir (17:01)