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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Caligula’s Horse
CatNo: 19658837871
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Caligulas_Horse Charcoal_Grace Double_vinyl
Caligula’s Horse returns with its 6th studio album, Charcoal Grace (2024).  
Influenced by pandemic-era experiences, the album is described by the band as being about, “The grim allure and strange beauty of stillness, silence, and loss.”  
At the centre of the album is the 4-part title track suite, a 24-minute opus that pushes deeper into the album’s foundational themes: connection, alienation, and the ways humanity acts under duress. Musically, it covers every facet of the band’s vocabulary, from heavy and dense orchestral-enhanced intensity embodying the song’s darkest lyrical ideas, through to soft acoustic moments of introspection.  
180g double vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with booklet and side D etching.

1. The World Breathes With Me 10:00 
2. Golem 5:20
1. Charcoal Grace I: Prey 7:48 
2. Charcoal Grace II: A World Without 6:48 
3. Charcoal Grace III: Vigil 3:22 
4. Charcoal Grace IV: Give Me Hell 6:13 
1. Sails 4:31 
2. The Stormchaser 5:57
3. Mute 12.00