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AVKRVST The_Approbation CD
AVKRVST's InsideOutMusic debut contains 49 minutes of music inspired by everything the band grew up listening to (from Mew, Anekdoten and Porcupine Tree to Opeth, Neal Morse and King Crimson).  
The Approbation is an ambitious concept album which embraces lush, melancholy moods and heavy, aggressive atmospheres. 
Limited CD in digipak edition.
1.  Østerdalen 0:26 
2.  The Pale Moon 6:15 
3.  Isolation 5:41 
4.  The Great White River 6:30 
5.  Arcane Clouds 6:05 
6.  Anodyne 10:15 
7.  The Approbation 13:37