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Format: CD
Artist: Steven Wilson
CatNo: HDSWCD10.3
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Steven Wilson Unreleased Electronic Music CD
A 2020 CD re-pressing of this difficult to find entry in Steven Wilson's back catalogue.
Unreleased Electronic Music is a collection of SW's experiments in several different styles of instrumental electronic music (IDM, ambient-techno, trip-hop...etc..), made at various times between 1990-2003, some of which was created for UK television commercials. 
Packaged in a 6 panel digisleeve featuring reproductions of some of the unique Lasse Hoile Polaroid photos that were included with the very first edition, and includes a booklet with notes.
01. king of the delta blues
02. observer commercial 1998
03. dub zero
04. the tobogganist
05. shortwave
06. telegraph commercial
07. to wear a crown
08. nuclear head of an angel
09. nailbomber
10. slut 1.4
11. apres-mortes