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Artist: Steve Pilkington
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Steve Pilkington Deep Purple Rainbow On Track book
Sonicbond’s On Track series offers a song by song analysis of the work of major Rock bands.
In Deep Purple and Rainbow 1968-1979 On Track, Steve Pilkington provides a detailed assessment of some of the most influential and creative Hard Rock music of all time.
Steve Pilkington examines Deep Purple's albums from its debut Shades Of Deep Purple in 1968 through to the first dissolution of the band with Come Taste The Band (1976) (via such classics as Machine Head and In Rock) plus the first four Rainbow studio albums (including the classic Rainbow Rising and the hit-laden Down To Earth). 
Taking a look at every song from every album in detail, Pilkington also discusses live recordings plus DVD and video releases. 
An exhaustive guide containing critical opinion alongside facts, trivia and anecdotes, this edition of On Track provides a fascinating ‘alternative history’ of these revered bands. 
Steve Pilkington is a music journalist, proof-reader and broadcaster. He is Editor in Chief for the Classic Rock Society magazine Rock Society, and contributes to other publications such as Prog. He has written Black Sabbath - Song By Song and the official biography of legendary guitarist Gordon Giltrap. Steve presents a weekly radio show A Saucerful of Prog on Firebrand Radio.