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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Steve Jansen
CatNo: CON391LP
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Steve Jansen Tender Extinction Remastered Double vinyl Japan

The brilliant 2016 studio release from Steve Jansen, featuring guest appearances by Thomas Feiner, Perry Blake, Nicola Hitchcock, Tim Elsenburg (Sweet Billy Pilgrim) and others.

2 x 180g vinyl in gatefold, with remastered audio and updated artwork reworked by the designer of the original sleeves.

1. Captured (6:08)
2. Sadness (3:52)
1. Her Distance (6:43)
2. Memory Of An Imagined Place (3:24)
3. Give Yourself A Name (6:50)
1. Diaphanous One (5:58)
2. Faced With Nothing (5:31)
1. Mending A Secret (5:03)
2. Simple Day (2:37)
3. And Birds Sing All Night 02:28