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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Steve Jansen
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Steve Jansen Slope Remastered Double vinyl Japan

Released to highly positive reviews in 2007, Slope was the debut album from Steve Jansen (Japan / Rain Tree Crow).

Exhibiting a bold combination of inventive rhythms, intricate programming and emotive vocal performances, the album features guest contributions from an impressive line-up including David Sylvian, Tim Elsenburg (Sweet Billy Pilgrim), Joan Wasser (Joan As Policewoman), Anja Garbarek, Theo Travis and more. 
2 x 180g vinyl in gatefold, with remastered audio and updated artwork (reworked by the designer of the original sleeve).
'A mixture of exquisite, groove-based soundscapes and introspective torch songs.' - The Guardian


1. Grip
2. Sleepyard
3. Cancelled Pieces
1. December Train
2. Sow The Salt
3. Gap of Cloud
1. Playground Martyrs
2. A Way of Disappearing
3.  Ballad Of A Deadman
1. Conversation Over
2. Life Moves On
3. Playground Martyrs (Reprise)