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Format: CD
Artist: Steve Hillage
CatNo: SMACD1291
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Steve_Hillage Dusseldorf 2CD Gong
2024 mid-price 2CD version of Steve Hillage's Düsseldorf presented in brilliant jewel case packaging and complete with a 16-page booklet.
A classic 1979 live concert from pioneering guitarist Steve Hillage. Includes the only known live recording of Talking to the Sun.
Recorded at the Philips Halle, Düsselsdorf on the 28th March 1979 during the Live Herald Tour, Düsselsdorf offers excellent sound quality (a quality so high that you'll forget it's a live recording until the applause). 
Featuring the Hillage band at the height of its powers, with Steve in great voice throughout, Düsselsdorf contains Steve's own adventurous compositions plus covers of Beatles and Donovan classics.
Hillage's trademark heady combination of vibrant Psychedelic Rock, full blooded grooves, and deep-space synth/guitar experiments has rarely sounded as good.


1. New Age Synthesis (Unzipping The Zype) [8:36]
2. Hurdy Gurdy Glissando [10:07]
3. Light In The Sky [5:43]
4. Unidentified (Flying Being) [10:01]
5. Radio [9:17]
6. The Dervish Riff [4:33]
1. Hurdy Gurdy Man [6:38]
2. Motivation [6:24]
3. 1988 Aktivator [02:25]
4. Crystal City [3:26]
5. Activation Meditation [1:31]
6. The Glorious Om Riff [6:35]
7. Meditation Of The Dragon [2:51]
8. It's All Too Much [6:53]
9. Encore 1: Electrick Gypsies [7:27]
10. Encore 2: Talking To The Sun [7:05]