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Format: CD
Artist: Steve Hackett
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Steve Hackett At The Edge Of Light Genesis CD

Following the tremendous success of 2017’s The Night SirenAt The Edge Of Light is the eclectic 2019 studio release from legendary former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

The album sees Steve uniquely playing with styles ranging from guitar-driven Rock to epic orchestral music, from World to atmospheric excursions, and beyond.

CD in jewel case.

1. Fallen Walls And Pedestals (02:16)
2. Beasts In Our Time (06:21)
3. Under The Eye Of The Sun (07:07)
4. Underground Railroad (06:23)
5. Those Golden Wings (11:20)
6. Shadow And Flame (04:24)
7. Hungry Years (04:34)
8. Descent (04:21)
9. Conflict (02:37)
10. Peace (05:02)