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Artist: Stephen Lambe
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Stephen Lambe Seinfeld On Screen book
Sonicbond’s On Screen series offers a film by film analysis of film series and the work of major directors.
In Seinfeld On Screen, Stephen Lambe offers an informed guide to all 84 episodes of the first five seasons of this classic situation comedy series (produced between 1990 and 1994).
When the final episode of Seinfeld aired on 14 May 1998, an amazing 76.3 million Americans tuned in, making it the most popular situation comedy is US television history. Co-created by Larry David, this 'comedy about nothing' made celebrities of its four stars: stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld; comedian and actor Michael Richards who played eccentric neighbour Kramer; Julia Louis-Dreyfus who played Jerry’s former girlfriend Elaine and Jason Alexander as his volatile, insecure best friend George. Completely unique in its outlook and execution, the success of the series lay in its early years, able to develop its own style below the radar as a minor network hit, before reaching a mass public with its fourth season in 1992. Classic episodes discussed here include: ‘The Junior Mint’, ‘The Chinese Restaurant’, ‘The Puffy Shirt’ and the ground-breaking ‘The Contest’.
Much analyzed during its time on screen, the show has not been re-evaluated for many years. Now, over twenty years since the series finished, Stephen Lambe's timely and superbly-crafted new book examines Seinfeld's first five seasons episode by episode, tracing the development of every character, catchphrase and quirk, from the series' embryonic pilot episode in 1989, to its status as an Emmy award-winning show by the time that season five wrapped in 1994. While the series was a huge success in the USA, it was also a cult hit across the globe and its legacy continues into the new millennium.